Online Email Encryption

Email is now the primary way that businesses communicate.

Financial documents, medical records, bank figures, legal files, computer passwords and other personal and confidential electronic data are regularly transmitted. Putting a plan in place to ensure the security of this information from sender to recipient is key to not only avoiding a data breach but also ensuring that your company meets all government regulations regarding the transmission of electronic data.

Our highly secure on-demand email encryption service helps remove the threat of personal data loss so that your business can comply with the many state and federal laws governing electronic data.

Policy-Based Content Management

Specific content policies can be assigned which automatically encrypt emails based on the content associated with each policy. This eliminates the requirement to manually encrypt each individual email message.

Content-based policies include:

  • HIPAA: Health records or medical information
  • GLBA:  Financial or banking information
  • SSN: Social security numbers
  • PCI:  Credit card data

Email Encryption


Easy Account Management
You can quickly and easily enable hosted email encryption for individual users with just a few simple mouse clicks – no technical knowledge is needed.  It is also significantly less costly than traditional secure messaging systems due to the small monthly per user fee. 

Ease of Use
This web-based encryption service is designed to work automatically without any need for end user involvement. However, you can always easily encrypt any individual email by adding the word [encrypt] in the subject line. It’s as simple as that.

Low Cost

All mindSHIFT Online hosted business services are subscription-based. There's only a small monthly per user fee for only the users that need encryption. There is no new hardware or software to buy or any contracts to sign.


Email Encryption Pricing
$3.00 per user per month
No Setup Fee
also available in our Security Bundle with Hosted Exchange

*mindSHIFT Online's hosted Exchange email service is required to enable email encryption.